My eyes are two different sizes (PHoto)

I can notice my eyes different sizes in pictures and it bothers me. Everyone has told me it's a lazy eye but I need other opinions. I'm seeing an oculoplastic surgeon next week

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My eyes are two different sizes

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your question!  It is difficult to tell from the pictures.  Usually upper lid blepharoplasty would be recommended to make both eyes symmetrical.  You could also have one eyebrow that is arched higher than the other making one eye open larger than the other one.  In this case you could do a brow lift to correct the symmetry. 

Best of Luck!

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My eyes are two different sizes

It is difficult to tell for certain what is going on from the 2D photos. See following video and see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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Subtle Ptosis

Hi lynzistreet, 

Thanks for your question and photos. Based on your pictures, you have a very subtle ptosis (droopiness) of your right upper lid. It is almost imperceptible in your first picture but I can appreciate it in the second picture. The degree of asymmetry is so small that I am not sure that I would recommend any surgery for it at this point. It is possible that you could benefit from a very conservative posterior ptosis correction surgery. 

I would seek out a skilled oculoplastic surgeon for a comprehensive evaluation and discussion of your options. 

Good luck!

John McCann, MD, PhD
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