What does it mean when I still have extra skin that I can pull & stretch out after I've already gotten implants? (photos)

I'm 11 weeks post op from 400cc mod+ smooth round silicone under the muscle implants. Breast width 11cm & 12cm. Previously 32A. And breastfed 2 babies. I'm 5'8" 130lbs. I feel like I should have gotten larger implants to fill out the extra skin I currently have. I can pull, wrinkle, & stretch out the skin on both breasts. What does this mean? Do I need larger implants? A lift? Thank you.

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Skin is elastic, it will always be able to stretch

Thank you for your question! It is true that higher skin stretch requires more implant volume to adequately fill the breasts and you can go with a larger implant size. However, overstretching the skin can cause significant pain, and an implant should not be selected to excessively stretch your breast envelope. Furthermore, you want to avoid going larger because your breasts look proportionate to your torso, and this is a result people are always hoping for. Many patients usually have significant pain and have to wait for their breasts to accommodate the implants by stretching, but that stretching quickens the sagging process. However, by allowing some skin stretch to remain after breast augmentation not only allows your breasts to have natural looking results, but also reduces the pressure on your breast tissue from implants, thereby slowing down stretching effects that can lead to sagging and breast wasting. As such, I would highly recommend that you do not opt for a larger implant being that you have aesthetically pleasing results already. As always, discuss this with your board-certified surgeon. Hope this helps.

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Excess skin vs. stretchy/loose skin

The degree to which skin stretches is variable. The older you get, the less elasticity your skin has. Other factors, including genetics or weight gain/loss can also be a factor. It appears that you have a reasonable post operative result. Your being able to pull and stretch out the skin is just 'you' and may have to do with some of the factors listed above. Larger implants will not fix the problem long-term as loose skin will become loose again because the elasticity is compromised. Some women wonder if they need a lift then to remove the 'excess' skin. You don't have 'excess' skin, but stretchy/loose skin. If your nipples are in the right place with no ptosis (ie., sagging, which you don't have), you do not need a lift. You may try skin tightening technology, the results of which are (in my personal opinion) less than exceptional.

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Post Op Concerns


Thank you for your question and photos. There doesn't appear to be anything problematic about your results. Your implants have settled and as inflammation leaves the breasts are expected to become soft and settled. If your skin was stretched previously it will continue to have the same quality.

Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon if you have any concerns as you continue to heal.

All the best

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What does it mean when I still have extra skin that I can pull & stretch out after I've already gotten implants?

Thank you for your question and photographs.  Your breast implant appearance appears normal and the ability to distract tissues indicates that your swelling has resolved and your tissues have softened.  Implant appearance and feel does not remain taut long term.  Hope this helps.

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What does it mean when I still have extra skin that I can pull & stretch out after I've already gotten implants?

It is normal and good that you are able to distract and pull the breast off of your implants.  This means that her implants are soft and you did not have a capsular contracture.  The result looks very good I would leave it alone.

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