Endoscopic brow lift - one sided pain.

I had a brow lift 3 weeks ago and one side of face is still numb and I am having trouble with muscles. There is a bump on brow that is very painful. The other side has been normal since day 3. I can't even sneeze because the muscles won't contract enough and it feels like my eye will pop out. what sort of complications could cause this??

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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. There will be a certain amount of bruising and swelling that will last for several days after the procedure. After a few weeks of healing and recovery, the changes will be noticeable and you can resume normal activities. Have you spoken with the surgeon who performed your procedure? It is always helpful to keep your surgeon aware of your healing process, and it also gives you a chance to re-review the recovery instructions. Best wishes,

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