Am I getting duped on Clear Correct 'limited ortho'? I'm 46. Had braces 4 yrs as a teen. Now front tooth popped out, etc.(photo)

Have a new dentist. Wasn't given name of product until after the fact (my fault for being too eager). Tmr, I have an appoint. after 4 wks. Nothing has moved. I now see that ppl have multiple aligners. I called & asked if I'd be getting a new one tmr & they said they don't have one. I need to be evaluated. Web says CC sends up to 4 @ a time. I pd. $900 & then $300 for the perm. retainer for afterwards. I didn't receive any paperwork, no info, no case. I'm starting to feel like this is shady-Help?

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Check with the Clinical Staff.

I would request to speak with a dental assistant familiar with your case. Some times, the front office isn't as familiar with the actual treatment approach. They may read clear aligners on your chart and just assume ClearCorrect.

For instance, simple cases can sometimes be addressed in office with an Essix retainer. It is essentially the same material as ClearCorrect or Invisalign, but something that can be done in office. So, if you just have one tooth that has protruded, the doctor may have elected to do that. And for $900, that may be the case (lab fees for aligners are significant) as keeping the lab work in-house cuts down overhead significantly and that savings is often pushed over to the patient.

Just a thought. But, you might need to check with the clinical staff and see what was done. If results are not satisfactory or progressing, a chance for the doctor to re-evaluate would be best. It may be that he/she was hoping to keep your treatment costs at a minimum. Hope this helps.

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Clear Correct

Your dentist should have received the aligners in a batch.  If you are not satisfied with your progress, your dentist is able to take new impressions and submit a revision at no additional charge.  Also,  it is important that you wear the aligner at all times, except for eating and drinking, otherwise the aligner will not move the teeth into the correct position.

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist
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Clear Correct

Clear Correct  does send their aligners in batches.
If you are unsatisfied  with your progress  your dentist should  be able to submit a revision  at no additional  charge.

Darren Wong, DDS
Honolulu Dentist

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