Draining fluid in post op visit. Is this a simple procedure? (Photo)

I recently had a lift and small reduction. My Doctor did not use drainage tubes. I'm 8 days post op and have a bit of fluid built up underneath my breasts. I've been in contact with my Docs office and they assured me it was normal and we will be draining it this coming Monday. My question...is this a simple procedure? Is it painful to have this done?

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Draining fluid in clinic

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If you do have a fluid collection (a "seroma") draining this in clinic is a fairly simple procedure. 

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Dr. Blagg

Austin, TX

Post-op Fluid Drainage

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There is no substitute for a good physical exam.  That said, based on your photos, I am not convinced you have a fluid collection under the breasts.  Looks like a little bit of skin laxity from raising up the fold under the breasts with the lift.  If that is the case, this should resolve by itself over time.  However, if you truly do have a fluid collection, it is a very simple thing to drain under local anesthesia (no pain!) using a needle and syringe.  Best of luck!

Draining fluid in post op visit. Is this a simple procedure?

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Congratulation for your recent procedure. Drains are not very commonly used in mastopexy /uplift or reduction, also in relationship with the surgical technique selected by the surgeon. In the event of a minor collection of fluid, the aspiration - normally performed with a small needle and syringe - is a minor procedure. The chances of the fluid building up again are quite slim.

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Andrea Marando

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon - Manchester UK

Andrea Marando, MD
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Draining fluid in post op visit. Is this a simple procedure?

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Yes, generally speaking, an aspiration procedure (drainage of a fluid accumulation) is generally quite painless.  Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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