Any doctor in Texas would you accept to do my follow up?

Got my abdominoplasty in Brazil a month ago and now having problems. Looking for a doctor in Houston that would take me as a follow up. I am very worried!

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Follow up

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You should be able to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to take over your care, however they will most likely charge you for the follow up and have you sign a waiver. This is always the risk when having surgery in another country, as the physician in the US does not know exactly what was done having not performed your original surgery. Good Luck!

Tummy tuck follow up

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Thank you for your question. It appears the dissolvable stitches are spitting out from the incision. I would recommend doing a search for board certified plastic surgeons near you and then you will have to call them to see if they are willing to pick up your care. Good luck.

Francis Johns, MD
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon
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