Should I crown a tooth full of cavity with old root canal?

I have a tooth that it's full of cavity. that was root canal long ago. One doctor says she can crown it but another doctor says there is no use of crown, should I crown it?Does crown save the other teeth next to it to be saved from the bad tooth cavity? Does the crown prevent the bad tooth from smelling bad?

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Crown is always better option

Generally Root canal treated teeth need crown to protect from fracture as teeth become brittle after RCT.   

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Does tooth with root canal and cavity need a crown? #DrSoftTouch

Without more information, it is difficult to answer your question. Because the nerves have been removed from your tooth, the tooth is more fragile. Generally, a crown is recommended after a root canal to protect the tooth and prevent fracture. If enough tooth structure remains after all of the decay is removed, I too would recommend a crown. If the bad smell is coming only from the decaying tooth, then removing the decay should take care of the smell. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.



The amount of tooth structure remaining after removal of all of the cavity and bone level around the tooth are the main determining factor if a tooth can be crowned.  Without an X-ray it is difficult to tell you exactly what to do.  However, once the cavity is removed and the tooth is crowned it should alleviate the bad smell.


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