Would I be the right candidate for a lip lift? (photos)

I have always had issues with my mouth / the area under my nose. Not necesarilly because of the fact that my lips are quite small, but more because of the fact that my nasolabial folds are strong and I barely have tooth show (none with mouth opened). These two things make me feel like my mouth is overshadowed and my smile barely visible. Therefore, my question is whether I will be the right candidate for a lip lift.

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Lip Lift? (Photos)

The two issues you mention, deep nasal-labial folds and visibility of upper teeth when lips are relaxed open, may result from dimensions and relationship of maxilla (mid-facial bone) to other facial components.  If so, lip lift not recommended, except perhaps as partial correction if you decide against orthognathic procedure.  Surgery to anteriorly displace and vertically lengthen your maxilla may be indicated, and produce for you dramatic improvement.

Consult with craniofacial or maxillofacial surgery specialist in your area for information and for evaluation.

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Lip Lift

Based on the two criteria you are looking to improve, you would not be a candidate for a lip lift. A sub nasal lip lift does not change the depth of the nasolabial folds nor improve upper tooth show to any significant degree if at all. A subnasal lip lift does one thing very well...decreases the vertical skin distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip. It is one treatment option for the long upper lip.

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