Please let me know if I need a brow lift or an eyes lift? (photo)

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Brow Lift or Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

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Although I am  big fan of brow lift surgery, having described the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision technique many years ago, based on just this one limited picture I don't think you need a brow lift. If I agree that a brow lift is appropriate after examining you or seeing a better set of pictures make sure you use the technique we described so you can simultaneously lower your hairline; you do not want it elevated.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyebrow lift versus eyelid surgery

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  From the one very limited photograph, the brow position appears adequate, therefore a brow lift is unnecessary. A brow lift procedure is only performed on patients who have low set eyebrows. Performing a blepharoplasty procedure can address removal of the excess skin in the upper eyelids. For more information and many examples of both procedures, please see the link and the video below

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift or blepharoplasty?

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if you place your fingers above your eyebrow and lift up and like the way that looks then you need a brow lift. If you're happy with the position of your brows as they are than an upper lid blepharoplasty is what you need. See a very experienced from brow lift surgeon will not raise your hairline. The  brow lift surgery should be done with the Irregular Trichophytic Procedure and your  hairline can be lowered if you like at the same time that brows are lifted. Make sure you see the surgeons final incision and you should not see a scar. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Please let me know if I need a brow lift or an eyes lift?

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Hello Chachia1,Based on your photos your brows appear to have a nice shape and in a pretty good position.  There does appear to be a little excess skin on the upper eyelids more so towards the outside.  The best way to determine the appropriate treatment is with an in person consultation, but based on the photos it appears that an eyelid surgery would best address your concerns.  I would recommend you consult with a facial plastic surgeon.I hope this helps and good luck.

William Marshall Guy, MD
The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift versus eyelid surgery

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The determination for the appropriate procedure requires an in person evaluation to accurately evaluate the relationship of the brows and the eyelid. You should seek consultation with a facial plastic surgeon who can evaluate the dynamic relationship of your brows and eyelids.  Keep in mind the appearance of the upper eyelid and brow may require adjustments to both areas to achieve the best outcome.  Best regards 

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lids for me

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The ideal brow position is 5 mm above the orbital margin for women and on the margin for men. Yours certainly seems high enough so for me, lid surgery is the answer. You have a little lid excess which can be corrected under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Brow lift or eye lid lift?

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Thank you for your question and photo. It is always best to be examined in person to provide the best possible advice once knowing your expectations and considering your individual skin properties.Seek a Board Certified Plastic surgeon for best results.Best wishes and kind regards,

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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