Breathing difficulties waking up upon from tonsillectomy. Will this happen again ? Wanting BBL .

I had a tosillectomy many years ago I was a smoker at the time and no longer am but was young and active being only 16. When I woke up from surgery I had difficult time breathing and felt I couldn't breath. I was taken to a nearby hospital & given oxygen . It subsided over time. I am interested in getting a brazillian butt lift. I am wanting this surgery more than anything but am so afraid I will have difficulty breathing again upon waking up after surgery. What could have been wrong ?

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Breathing difficulties waking up upon from tonsillectomy. Will this happen again ? Wanting BBL

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.... As you know every surgery is different in every patient, it will be better for you to consult with your neumologist first, because when we're using the garment, it can get very tight and uncomfortable to breath sometimes, this can be harmful for you? please consult with your doctor first. safety first..

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Anesthesia risks with BBL

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Tonsil surgery involves operating around the throat which can affect your airway with swelling. With the swelling around your throat your air passage can feel constricted and result in breathing difficulties. This is what sounds like happened in your case. However there can be a number of other reasons you had this experience and the best way to determine if you are at risk for a similar episode with anesthesia is to undergo an examination by your primary physician and discuss this with your anesthesiologist prior to undergoing surgery. Good luck. 

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