Do you need a breastlift after breastfeeding to make breasts not saggy?

im thinking of breast augmentation, after im done feeding my child and i heard women get saggy, deflated breasts sometimes, so if they are deflated looking like loose skin is a lift needed or can you just put an implant in to put fullness back so they look normal again...?

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Determined by Height of Nipples

Dear Blahxxbaby, This can only be determined with an exam during your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. The important feature is to notice where is the height of the nipple in relation to the fold under the breast. If the nipple is still above that, then we would call this fake drooping (pseudoptosis). In that case, simply putting in an implant will restore the proportion of skin coverage to breast tissue. I hope this has been helpful. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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Breast Enhancement after Breast Feeding

Breast enhancement after breast feeding is very individual and just because of breast feeding or pregnancy should one feel that they definitely require a breast lift. After breast feeding is complete, it would be beneficial to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who can work through the options of breast enhancement, which include a breast augmentation, a breast lift and/or a combination of a lift with an implant. The decision would be related to the amount of sag in the breast and the amount of breast tissue.

Andrew P. Trussler, MD
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Breast Lift with Implants

Thank you for your question. It's difficult to give exact recommendations as each patient is different. That said, many women find that they lose volume and experience sagging after pregnancy and breast feeding. The best solution is to perform a breast lift with implants. This will restore volume and give the lift desired. Some women only lose volume and implants are enough to restore. You will need to have an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in this area for exact recommendations. 

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Need for lift determined by degree of sagging and volume loss

Hi, I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi.  If you have minimal sagging, the use of a high profile implant can be sufficient.  If there is minimal lowering of your areolas/nipples, without sagging of the breast tissue itself, a small nipple lift will suffice.  A full lift will be indicated if both your breast tissue and areolas/nipples are sagging.  An implant can be placed to provide upper fullness and some firmness at the time of the lift. The best time to be evaluated is several weeks after you have finished nursing so that you allow time for the normal breast shrinkage to occur.  Be sure to consult with an ABPS certified PS.  Best wishes!

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Do you need a breastlift after breastfeeding to make breasts not saggy?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately there is no way to predict exactly how a patient's breasts will change after pregnancy. A good indication may be to evaluate the changes that occurred with your mother's breasts after her pregnancies (although this is not foolproof either). It may be helpful to keep your weight as stable as possible (under the guidance of your OB/GYN) to prevent significant changes with the breasts related to the weight changes. 

Anecdotally, in our practice, we have seen many patients have pregnancies, and not require additional breast surgery subsequently. On the other hand, we've seen many patients who experienced classic post partum breast changes such as decreased breast tissue volume (" involutional hypoplasia") and/or breast sagging ("ptosis"). Obviously, what operation, if any, would be indicated post pregnancy would depend on the patient's diagnosis (physical examination) and goals.
I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to post pregnancy concerns), helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast lift question

Thank you for the good question. This is up to the decision-making of the surgeon, and how much your skin has loosened after breast-feeding. Hormonal changes will affect your skin tone. I will say in many patients, an augmentation is sufficient as their breasts have not deflated substantially.  However in others, especially if your skin tone is looser, a breast lift will be necessary to reposition the nipple, tighten the skin, and lift the breast. However if this is the case, do not be discouraged as one of the best operations we perform is the augmentation combined with the breast lift. It can be highly satisfying for the patient as well. Good luck!

Kailash Narasimhan, MD
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Do you need a breastlift after breastfeeding to make breasts not saggy?

It's a great question. The answer really depends on your anatomy.If your breasts are deflated, then you will need an augmentation to restore volume. Your question regarding whether to add a lift depends on the position of your nipple related to the crease below your breast. If your nipple is above your crease, then an augmentation should give a nice result. If your nipple is at, or below your crease, then typically a lift is added to restore a youthful nipple position on your breast.Careful in person examination and measurements are used in my office to determine whether a patient would benefit from a lift during an augmentation surgery. You should visit board-certified plastic surgeons for consultations, so that they can examine you and you can hear how best to obtain your goals.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Breast lift vs. Implant

The answer to your question depends on how your breasts are after breast feeding. In some situations the breast tissue shrinks and the breast looks deflated. In that case, an implant is needed to restore the volume. If the nipple position has dropped with/without volume a breast usually is needed. So, wait and find out how your breast shape becomes afterwards. Find a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you at that time.

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Breast lift?

A sagging breast and a deflated breast are not the same thing. A deflated breast still has the nipple in normal position well above the breast fold and needs only a breast augmentation to fill up the skin. A true sagging breast gets longer and the nipple goes below the breast fold. This requires a breast lift to reposition the nipple and take out excess skin. Good luck.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
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