Breast tissue - I have something hard and a little pain full near to my breast under my arm.

i did biopse it said that this is breast tissue and u should remove it, I am worried of breast cancer can anyone plz tell me about breast tissue

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Breast Tissue Under Arm

I am really surprised that the surgeon who did your biopsy did not explain what this is. I am also somewhat perplexed that he/she did not suggest the diagnosis before the procedure. The area which is "breast tissue" is very simply the part of the breast called the Tail of Spence. This is a normal extension of the breast that extends upward toward the armpit. If the biopsy removed the firm "mass," there is no worry about cancer (but this also should have been evaluated with a mammogram before the biopsy). There is normally no reason to do anything to this tissue and the biopsy should have removed the majority of what has been symptomatic. Because of the above that was not done or explained, I would advise obtaining all your records and seeing a breast specialist.

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Breast tissue under the arm

I think what you are describing is an axillary breast. They are fairly common and can be removed. In order to get all the tissue out patients are usually taken to surgery. The procedure will leave a scar under your arm. The procedure is done by plastic surgeons as well as breast surgeons. The tissue removed could be sent to pathology to be checked to make sure there is no cancer in it.

Karen Quigley, MD
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