Breast redness? (photos)

My breast are red and I was wondering is this irritation or infection ? I just got this redness out of no where . Should I be worried?

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Breast Redness


Sudden changes like redness/swelling should be brought to your Plastic Surgeon's attention. They will likely want to assess you in person.

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Breast redness?

Thank you for your photographs and your question.  The onset of redness, increased pain, or increased swelling should always be referred back to your surgeon.  I wish you good luck.

Breast redness

Hi Mae,

Thanks for your question and photos. More information is needed. I would advice that your follow up with your plastic surgeon. It may just be a skin infection. IF it is more severe, it can causes issues with your implants. Again best advice is to see your surgeon as soon as possible. Good Luck.

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Breast redness?

The redness that you show could be a sign of infection. Please see your surgeon for an exam in person. Do not rely on internet advise from surgeons who have not examined you.

Breast redness

Thank you for your question but I need a bit more information.  When did you have your surgery?  It depends on how far out you are from surgery as well as other symptoms you may be experiencing.  

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