Can breast augmentation alone correct asymmetry? (Photo)

Can breast augmentation alone correct my asymmetry or would a lift be required as well? I'm 38, 5'6, 150lbs.

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Asymmetrical Implants Can Even Out Asymmetry

Based on your photo, you'd do well with implants of 2 different sizes, with a breast lift as well. Another option would be to lift and reduce the larger breast so that it matches the size and shape of the smaller, higher breast, and then to place two similar sized implants to enhance shape and volume of the breasts. This is a common technique used to remedy noticeable breast asymmetry. I'm concerned that implants alone would worsen the existing sagging in your left breast, and doubt that augmentation alone would provide a pleasing result. Some surgeons would suggest doing this operation in two stages, as well. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon near you to learn more about treating your asymmetry. 

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Breast augmentation and asymmetry

Hi, ChristycrewYour left breast is larger and sits lower than the right breast.  Different implant sizes can be used to give you fullness and size symmetry.  However, if your goal is to have symmetric breasts in size and shape, you will need small lift to raise the left nipple/breast. Each procedure will have pros and cons.Please consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goal.Best regards.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Breast Asymmetry

The most noticeable difference between your breasts is the position of the nipple.  Implants do not raise the postion of the nipple, therefore you would need some type of lift to elevate the left nipple to match the right. Irregardless of the size or shape of implant you use, they will not be symmetrical without addressing the nipple position.  Good luck.

Randy Proffitt, MD
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Lift vs implant

If you want your breast fuller and are happy with the shape of them, then an implant will be fine. Keep in mind an implant will only "fill our breast up" it will not "lift them up". They will look just like they do now, they are just bigger and fuller with an implant only. If you feel this will meet your goals, then an augmentation should be fine. If you are unhappy with the position of your breast and feel they are too low, then an implant will likely not satisfy you and you will want to consider the lift. A lift will "lift them up" and put them in a higher position, change the size of the areola and "lift" them off of your chest. Often times both of these procedures are combined to achieve an optimal result. By lifting them and adding volume, the breast will not only sit higher on your chest but will also have the nice fullness from the implant. In your case a breast lift with augmentation is  going to give you the best result.

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Implants Alone for Asymmetry

You have more skin on your right breast, so it sits lower and sags a bit more than your left. An implant alone will not correct would need to have the nipple raised on the left plus the excess skin "taken in" to get better balance. Implants could be used if you desire more fullness.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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Asymmetrical breasts

Thank you for your question. The goal with breast surgery is to achieve symmetry with a pleasing shape and volume according to the patient's desires. You may require a combination of asymmetrical lifting with augmentation. I'd suggest you go with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person consultation.

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In my opinion-no.

Good morning!Cases like yours are always difficult because both breasts have a nice shape and would do well with an augmentation in themselves- but they would not look like their sister without ancillary procedures.  In my opinion- your left breast nipple is too low below the fold in relation to your right breast to have symmetry without a lift procedure.  In addition, your nipple to fold distance is significantly longer on the left - too long to be able to restore symmetry with simple muscle release procedures. I would tread very carefully with any surgeon that tells you they can give you symmetry without any sort of lift procedure.  That being said- if you are OK with some improvement but still significant asymmetry- this can be achieved to a small extent without extra incisions.I hope this helps

Robert Steely, MD, FACS
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Will BA correct asymmetry?

Far more important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let them explain why one technique may be better than another. 
See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for a BBL Always insist on a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Implant and lift

Thank you for your question. Based on your photos you will need a lift on the one breast that is slightly lower. I believe a circumareolar lift would make both breast even, if you are happy with the current size. If you are looking to increase your cup size and then an implant and lift on the one breast is needed.  Implant  surgery  alone will not create symmetry.

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
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Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Implants alone can correct size asymmetries when there are no other asymmetries such as the ptosis you have on the left side and not the right. This will require a lift on the left side and different sized implants.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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