Best bra to wear at night?

I have had a wonderful consultation, surgery and recovery! And for that, I'm very thankful. It's only been a month since surgery, but I wanted to know what is the best thing to wear at night after a BA? I'm talking about months after, even years after surgery. Should I sleep with a sports bra? A different kind of bra? I don't want my implants to lose their position or mess them up in any way. I will also be asking my surgeon during my 6 week checkup. Thank you in advance.

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Wearing a Bra at night after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Congratulations on your surgery !  Bra wearing after surgery is really dependent on the patient, type of surgery and approach used by the Plastic Surgeon.  Typically I do not have my patients wear a bra for the first six weeks as we instruct breast massage exercises to be done several times a day.  Occasionally I will have a patient wear a bra for breast crease support.  Best for you to confirm with your surgeon as to recommendations that best meet your surgery post operative needs.

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Wear bra at night

Thank you for your question.  I do recommend that a surgical bra be worn day and night for the first 4 weeks following breast augmentation surgery.  That being said, it is best to follow the specific advice of your plastic surgeon.  Best of luck.

Bra at night

Thank you for your question. Every surgeon will have his or her preferences. I recommend to my patient that they wear the soft bra provided at surgery for the first three weeks after surgery (even at night). Once the incisions appear to be healing uneventfully, I leave it up to their discretion whether or not they would like to continue to wear a bra at night. I'm not a believer that you are will mess up the position of the implants by not wearing a bra at night. But, if you feel more comfortable with a bra on at night, by all means continue to do so. 

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Post Op Bra Wear


Thank you for your question. You'll find that different surgeons have different preferences in this area. Some recommend no bra at all, some recommend a specific type for a specific time period. I recommend my patients wear a light-support, soft bra at night, regularly. This could be a thin, wire-free bra or soft sports bra you like.

Your Plastic Surgeon will let you know their preference.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Best bra to wear at night?

Long term, you need to counter gravity. Your breasts are heavier because of the implants and there is more pull on the skin and as we age, skin and tissues get looser. So best long term bra is the one with a good support when you are standing up. Wearing a bra at night is optional. Wear it if it makes you feel more comfortable.

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Best bra to wear at night?

Thank you for your question. It is best if you can find a comfortable bra that supports the breasts in a natural position. You do not want a bra that pushes the breasts upward or in a lateral position. 


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Best bra to wear at night after breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question and congrats on your surgery! I recommend my patients wear a sports bra for the first 3 weeks after surgery day and night and then the next 3 weeks just during the day.  They may wear the sports bra more after that time if it feels most comfortable to them.  At their 6-8 week follow up visit, I will release them to wear regular bras.  I encourage them to wear a bra that feels most comfortable to them after I have released them to regular bras.  However, I would recommend speaking with your plastic surgeon as each physician varies a little in their recommendations.  Best of luck!

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Bra Post Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thank you for your inquiry. It is not necessary to wear a bra for the rest of your lift. My advise would be to attend your follow up visits with your surgeon. Once he or she gives you the OK to not wear it anymore it is safe to do so. If you feel more comfortable, by all means keep wearing your surgical bra or a comfortable sports bra, but it is not necessary.

Hope this helped.

Omar Fouda Neel, MD, FRCSC, FACS
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