How botched am I? (Photo)

This is what happens when you can't afford the doctor you want so you get the best your money can buy. Never mind that I have to pay to have my doctor remove more skin after my TT that left me with a FUPA and no waist. My navel looks like an asshole. Oh and my navel is too high. I had dreams of navel piercing and a waist line.

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How botched am I?

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Thank you for your question. It will be hard to comment without seeing before pictures. Results depending on multiple factors like amount of skin, degree of laxity, amount of visceral fat. Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon and express your concerns

Before and after photos

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Sorry to hear about your tummy tuck results.  Comparison of your before and after photos would be helpful.  Especially important will be taking a look to see if there is excess intra-abdominal fat.  Fat that is inside the abdomen (on the organs) cannot be removed or reduced with a tummy tuck and therefore will be present after the surgery as well.  This type of fat makes narrowing and thinning the waist difficult.  I would post before photos if you have them as they will be helpful to see what occurred and what can be accomplish.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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