Lower body lift vs beltlectomy

What is the difference. Everywhere I have read indicates that both procedures will give the same results/affect the same area, e.g. thighs, hips, butt, lower back. 1. Is it the terminology? 2. Does the terminology that is chosen affect cost? 3. Is the lower back also the flank area?

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Body Lift. circunferetial abdominoplasty

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A Lower Body Lift  actually lift all th lower  body including  pubic, inner thigh and lateral thigh as well as buttocks.  The circumferential abdominoplasty removes the skin of around the abdomen without lifting the skin for the lower body

Lower body lift

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A common first line of attack for patients who have lost weight is a body lift procedure. Most plastic surgeons refer to a body lift as a circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy = lower body lift.   This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift.  I often perform buttock auto-augmentation at the time of a body lift.  Please visit with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has extensive experience in body contouring after weight loss to learn more about your options.  The terminology can get confusing.  Its best to ask your PS exactly what will be treated in the recommended procedure(s) for clarity.

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Lower body lift vs. belt Lipectomy

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Hello and thank you for your question. Excellent question.  Most plastic surgeon's and patients use the terms synonomouysly, so you need to check with your plastic surgeon.  They are however quite different procedures. 

Both are circumferential excise excess mid to lower trunk excess skin and lift the buttocks and outside thighs.

Here are the differences. 

A lower body lift places the final scar lower, resulting in a better buttock lift and outer thigh lift. It allows for auto augmentation of the buttocks and IN MY HANDS auto augmentation of the hips which retains and even improves your hip / waist ratio. The low scar is cosmetically more pleasing.

A belt Lipectomy was designed to leave the scar high in the waist region to surgically narrow the waist.

Problems are the scar is esthetically unpleasing. You get a long buttock and cannot augment the buttocks.  The resulting waistline is also fake looking an usually in the wrong position.

Hope that helps you.

Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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