Is it possible for me to get my BBL in the shape of pears? (photos)

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Your goal picture on the left is a bit more realistic than the picture on the right.  Without seeing you in person this is hard to know for sure, but it appears that you have enough fat for a reasonably large augmentation. 

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Pear-Shaped Brazilian Butt Lift

Without photos of your anatomy, it is difficult to give personalized advice. A plastic suregron can't make a precise assessment when the body is hidden by clothing. 

Millicent Odunze-Geers, MD, MPH
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BBL shape

Yes, it is possible to get your desired results with liposuction. Your desired results represents a person with a very large amount of fat transfer and naturally skinny thighs. It is difficult to tell from your picture if you would be achieve these specific results. It is best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination to get a better idea of your goals. 

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Is it possible for me to get my BBL in the shape of pears?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well...of course you can get the procedure dear, let your board certified plastic surgeon what are you looking for and consult correctly about your body shape too, remember that every patient is different in size and shape, you will get really good results. 

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Is it possible for me to get my BBL in the shape of pears?

It is hard to give you specific advice with only seeing photos of you in jeans and a T shirt. It does look like you have a nice figure to start with though and should be able to get you close to where you want to be. If you load photos of you in a thong similar to the wish photo it will be easier for us to give you better advice. 

Erika Sato, MD, FACS
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