Do you think I can get bbl with lipo and not have sagging skin? (photos)

I am 54 5' tall 137 lbs. I would like to lose 5 to 10 lbs more. I would really like to get a tt and bbl with lipo but because I had a heart attack 8 years ago I'm scared of the tt. I would like to know by looking at my pictures if you think my skin would be too saggy after lipo. I have had 1 child C section and a hysterectomy . I don't have to look perfect but would like to look good in clothes and I think by thinning out my waist and getting a butt I will be more proportioned. ty

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Do you think I can get bbl with lipo and not have sagging skin?

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Hello Dear, thank you so much for your questions and pictures.

According with your pictures you would be an excellent candidate for BBL, What is done in this procedure is liposuction and those areas where there is excess fat (flanks, back, waist and abdomen) and is placed in your buttocks, giving an appearance more harmonious with your body.

Hope tohear from you soon, best wishes!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Do you think I can get a BBL with lipo and not have sagging skin?

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Thankyou for your question and photos  . Based on the photos, you are a very good candidate for VASER Hi Def Liposuction and a BBL. The body sculpting techniques are imperative for an optimal result with the BBL. Unlikely that you will have loose skin. You would need medical clearance to have the procedure done. In my practice, I do these types of surgeries under intravenous sedation and tumescent anesthesia. Less stressful and faster recovery than general anesthesia. See a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in advanced body sculpting techniques for an in person consultation. Good luck.

Lipo bbl

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You are a good candidate for this procedure, you would  need medical clearance from your doctor first consult with a board certified PS, best of luck!

Do you think I can get bbl with lipo and not have sagging skin?

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Thank you for your question. Given your medical history it's imperative that your cleared by a cardiologist before surgery. From your photos it does appear that you could have a nice result with just a BBL.  It appears that you have good quality skin on your tummy. I don't see any stretch marks are excess skin at this time. Of course you're in person consultation with your surgeon will give you the most helpful information.

Surgery and medical history

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Sounds like you need medical clearance first before you consider surgery. If you are cleared, an you go ahead with a BBL, it may lead to looser skin.  

Do you think I can get bbl with lipo and not have sagging skin?

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Hello patanderson - Thanks for your question. Before you have lipo/TT/BBL surgery, you will need to be medically optimized and have medical clearance for surgery. I'm certain your surgeon would also want to keep you monitored overnight for safety. Depending on your age and the starting laxity of your skin, you may be able to have these procedures without any significant loose skin. From what I can tell, your skin looks to be in great condition. For safety, it may make sense to have the lipo/BBL as an initial combo to decrease time under anesthesia. While not perfect, you may be quite happy with the overall new shape of your body enough to forgo a TT procedure. The fact is that the TT procedure is the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure in terms of recovery because of the repair of the split rectus muscles from pregnancy. You could tighten these muscles up a bit more (but not completely) with core exercise programs.

Discuss this with your surgeon and your cardiologist before you go any further.

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

BBL Candidate?

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Dear patanderson: Based on your photos alone, it looks like you are likely a good candidate for the BBL procedure. However, a physical exam is really needed to make any formal recommendations particularly to address your concern about any residual skin post lipo.   The photos can tell us only so much so a formal consultation is needed to give you the best advice.  In addition, given your cardiac history, you will need a cardiac clearance which may include an noninvasive echo, EKG, and a possible cardiac stress test.  Your cardiologist will determine if you are a good and safe candidate for this elective surgery.  As per the BBL procedure, the amount of volume that can be added to your buttock will be limited by the amount of excess fat you have in your donor sites. Your posterior flanks and anterior tummy and waists are great reservoirs of donor fat for the BBL procedure. The BBL procedure involves harvest fat from areas of your body where there is excess fat and injecting that fat carefully into the central zone of your buttock. In addition, it involves liposculpting the buttock to facilitate a more rounded look. The common donor sites for this procedure is your posterior waist/flanks, lateral thighs, back, waist, and anterior tummy.  If you are OK from the cardiac standpoint, you could be a great candidate to achieve that hour glass shape and slimmed waist.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX


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Thank you for your question and photographs.

It would be best for you to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a physical examination and review your medical history to determine whether you are a good candidate for these procedures. Based on your photos and cosmetic goals, I think you would benefit from a Brazilian lipoabdominoplasty and Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian lipoabdominoplasty is the combination of liposuction and a traditional tummy tuck. During a tummy tuck I tighten the diastasis rectus muscle which brings in the waist then I cut out the excess skin to achieve overall, a smaller waist with a nice flat abdomen and a thin scar hidden below the bikini line. Then the use of liposuction will help remove any excess fat deposits along with creating a nice, smooth silhouette.I generally stage these procedures simply because you will have to refrain from sitting/applying pressure on your buttocks for at least 2 weeks after a BBL which means you would need to sleep on your stomach, which may not be optimal when just having a tummy tuck. This reduces complications and provides for a more comfortable post-operative recovery. If you decide to forgo the tummy tuck, then I would recommending considering having SmartLipo versus traditional liposuction when having your BBL done. SmartLipo loosens then removes fat and tightens the overlying skin, reducing bulges of fat while simultaneously toning the body. It also offers tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation, reliable, controlled energy delivery, reduced liposuction procedure time and patient downtime, less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction and high-definition body sculpting capabilities. Smartlipo also delivers precision and versatility with wavelengths that are ideal for smaller and larger fat deposits, tissue retraction, fibrous areas, or secondary liposuction cases. Best of luck!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Board Certified ENT
Board Certified Plastic Surgery
Member of ASPS, ASAPS, ISAPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AAFPRS, OTO/HNS, ASLMS, International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics & Science

Tummy tuck and BBL

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Hello and thank you for the question and the photos. Based on the photos, you are a good candidate for lipo, bbl and tummy tuck. I don't think you skin will be too saggy from lipo, but you didn't specify which area of skin. Most commonly, the lipo is done from the abdomen and or love handle region. Since you are undergoing the tummy tuck, any loose or sagging skin from the abdomen is not a concern, because it will be removed with the tummy tuck

The history of a previous heart attack is the more serious issue. You will need to have a full medical clearance from your cardiologist before having these procedures done. 

You should have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons before making any decision. You should expect to take 1-2 weeks off of work for recovery depending on the type of work you do.  

As always, it is best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health conditions you have are managed by your primary care md.  

Best to you. 

Risk for Sagging Skin After a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thank you very much for your question and photographs. From your pictures, it appears that you could get a nice result from a Brazilian Butt Lift. However, my recommendation is for you to schedule an in-patient consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.  At this time, he/she can /will review your medical history, and determine if a Brazilian Butt Lift would provide the results you are looking for, with or without a tummy tuck. 

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.