Can anything help these awful scars? (Photo)

I had a augmentation with a lift, and also had internal radial release done under my nipple/areola. The scars/cuts are so bad, and pigmentation is distorted, and also there is "left over" areola at the bottom that is of course the original areola texture (pre surgery). I was told that my areolas would decrease in size (my choice), but they actually increased. These scars are just so bad. :(

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Can you help me with these post mastopexy scars?

The pictures shows that you had a periareolar ( Benelli) mastopexy. This is a typical complication of that operation. In my opinion the only way to improve your results is to convert it to a vertical or lollipop mastopexy this way you can have a smaller areola but there will be a scar going from your areola to the fold under the breast. 

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