Could these use another lift? (Photo)

Had a breast lift in july 2013 was very sagging now a little better. went from DD to D could they come up more or is this as good as it gets???

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Could these use another lift?

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I think that you have an excellent result!

I am not clear if you were hoping that your breasts would remain as high as you first postop photos, but that is clearly not a natural result.  

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Could these use another lift?

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Have you compared your before to the after photos??? A very very excellent result. I might suggest weight loss before considering additional surgery...

Revision Lift?

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The weight on your breasts is likely limiting the amount of lifting that is possible.  You may benefit from additional volume reduction and lifting to achieve your goals.  But given your anatomy and weight / BMI, there may be some limitations of what could be achieved.  Please follow up with your PS to explore your options.
Best wishes,
Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

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