How soon after doing doxycycline flush should my fluid output drop?

I had a TT, Lipo and BBL. I am 4 weeks post surgery and have one drain left. I started doxycycline flushes first once a day for two days. Now I'm on my third and last day of doing doxycycline flushes twice a day. My fluid levels are 80, 59, 70, 73. I have measured this am and level is already at 40. At what point in doing these doxycycline flushes should I see a reduction in my fluid output. I have been wearing the wrap around compression garments given to me by my doctor 24/7.

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Drain output after doxycycline

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Thanks for your inquiry.  In my experience the output drops quicker.  Make sure you discuss with your surgeon if you have the right concentration of medicine and leaving the medicine in the pocket in the right way to induce the sclerosing of the pocket and good luck.  

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