Best Accutane Regimen for 40mg (2x/day)?

Wk2 of Accutane, 2nd time doing it (first time 5-6 yrs ago). Itchy scalp and sunburnt face. Face naturally oily before Accutane and continues to be oily but at the same time peeling. Is it best to just let your skin flake out and not use any products on your face? Or best to use products on your face/body/scalp? If so, which ones and how often is best? Do moisturizers hurt in the long run? I'm thinking your face produces its' own oils in absence of moisturizers- which I don't want.

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What to use along with Accutane

I don't recommend any other prescription products with Accutane normally. But you want to use a good gentle cleaser like Dove or Aquanil or Cetaphil. And a good moisturizer on your body and face, like Lubriderm or DML lotion or CeraVe. A good daily sunscreen is a must. And a good lipbalm like Dr. Dan's Cortibalm helps tremendously with dry lips.

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