Will 550cc saline high profile be to large for a woman of my size? I am 4ft11. 80lbs. BMI of 16. Very petite statue. (photo)

I am 27. 0 kids. Had breast reconstruction due to a neurofibroma tumor on the left breast followed by 230cc high profile mentor breast implants placed under muscle. I am not satisfied whatsoever with the result. It has been two years and I am Exchanging implants in 7 weeks. I do have pectus carinatum and my surgeon is exchanging my current implants to 550cc high profile silicone gel. Will this be too big? He believes my breast will be able to make the chest bone protrusion less visible.

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Breast reconstruction revision

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It is a difficult case to revise to begin with and with your small frame it will be even more difficult to get the implant positioning correct with your underlying chest wall issues.

How big is too big?

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Your case is certainly a challenging one, considering your previous history. While individual desires and outcome vary, a 550cc implant in a woman with your height and weight is fairly large. I am concerned that an implant of this size will not deliver the results you are hoping for and could lead to additional issues. Your photo seems to show some asymmetry and depression in the upper left chest above the breast. Some fat grafting in this area may be an option to explore with your treating plastic surgeon. Consideration for different sized implants for each breast may also be a discussion point with your plastic surgeon.

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