Options on Having a Define Face? (photo)

I'm 24 and I'm planning on having rhinoplasty, Brazilian Butt life and Gumlift with veeners 2013. My face is so round and when I smile it gets worse. My mom has more of chisled high cheek bone features. I have it as well but its more hidden. What can I do to get more of a triangular define, thinner face, almost chisled. I also have bad eye bags. I would love a more asian look. Do you think cheek/chin filler would do the trick? Please help! Thanks

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Derounding the Face

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Round faces are hard to ever become truly more defined and angular but some improvements can be made. Considerations include buccal lipectomies and perioral mound liposuction and cheek and chin augmentation. You would need to submit photographs (non-smiling) with front and sides views to determine whether any of these would be beneficial for you.

Options on Having a Define Face?

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 At age 24, the excess that you see, on the photos provided, is subcutaneous fatty tissue of the face. This "baby fat" can last into the early 30's and is the cause of the rounded face.  This fat can be reduced using micro-liposuction and the cheeks can be augmented with cheek implants for definition similar to the (very thin face with prominent round cheeks that you reference).  Fillers add volume and are injected into the fatty tissue layer, of the face, so in your case the fillers would not be the best option for cheek augmentation in my opinion. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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