Implants Vs. Dental Bridge?

I have two baby teeth on my lower middle teeth. I had a ct scan for my lower teeth and it showed that I didn't have enough bones, so my dentist recommends that I either have a bone graft done then do implants, or get a dental bridge for 6 units. Which will be for two pontic for my middle lower tooth (tooth number 24,25)and have 4 anchor tooth, 2 for each side. I'm very scared from doing a bone graft....which one do u think I should go with I can't seem to make up my mind.

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Missing central teeth

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In the cases with congenitally missing teeth the primary choice for restoration will be implant supported restorations. The preparation of 4 intact teeth for a bridge is not a modern option, compromising healthy teeth on both sides. The best choice here will be to find an experienced perio-restorative dentist, able to perform delicate work with 2 tiny implants in anterior and make them look natural.

Are Dental Implants the Best Choice to Replace Missing Teeth As Part of a Smile Makeover?

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Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when you want to decide if dental implants are good option to replace missing teeth as part of a smile makeover:

-are the roots of the adjacent teeth far enough apart to have room to place an implant
-is the width of the bone thick enough as you go from your lip to your pallet
-do the adjacent teeth have any gum disease or bone loss

If other factors are good but there is not enough bone then a bone graft may be required.

If you are cavity prone, dental implants may be a wonderful option, because a metal implant will never get a cavity.

Hope you find this information helpful.

Dr Champagne


Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

Not to Worry

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In this day and age I would never recommend a bridge where the abutment teeth are unrestored, without first exploring the possibility of an implant restoration.  It is a more conservative, and in many cases, more predictable means of replacing your missing teeth.  As far as the grafting is concerned, many of my patients have expressed those same fears but in reality, bone grafting is a relatively painless procedure and will provide you with the bone necessary for proper implant placement.  Find an experienced periodontist that does alot of these procedures and discuss the possiblity of just one implant with a two tooth "ovate" pontic cantilever.  This may give you the best cosmetic result.

Good Luck!

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

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Implants or bridge

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Implants for the small lower front teeth where there is not enough bone can be very difficult. Even with small diameter implants it is hard  to get enough separation for good bone to stay between the two implants. On top of that you need bone grafting before you even start. Has your dentist considered just crowning  one tooth on either side for the bridge? The teeth are small but I have seen it work well. I love implants, but would think twice in this case. 

Thomas R. Froning, DDS
Littleton Dentist

Implants vs bridge for lower incisors

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Not all implants are created equal  is true. But most implants on the market today fixate with the bone.  Growing adequate bone is vitally important to achieve a good looking natural result.   The bridge is often a good option but it sounds like in your case the implants are more ideal with less damage to your natural teeth.  


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Implants vs bridge

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I know it sounds scary to have "a bone graft and implants" but these are relatively routine procedures for Oral Surgeons.  As for what I would recommend, it would definetly be the graft and implants.  For the bridge, you are going to need to have 4 previously untouched, healthy teeth drilled on.  These bridges will most likely need to be replaced 10-15 years down the road.  These teeth would be more prone to decay and are more difficult to keep clean (can not floss between these teeth.  Only under the bridge).  A bridge would be fine if implants were not an option, but I would do everything in my power to make implants an option.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Board Certified Periodontist and Implant Practitioner

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Implants are ideal treatment in your case. Make sure your having them done by a specialist. Straumann implants offer a lifetime gurantee in the implant and ten years on the abutment.  Not all implants are created equal.

Tamara Rojas, DMD
Hollywood Dentist

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