I Weigh 245 5'8. Wanting the BBL? (photo)

I am a very well proportioned 5'8 female with nice curves and no bottom. i have no Health problems.I weigh 245 pounds my bmi is 38.. And I have a consult soon. I need to know will the doctor even consider me for BBL. I don't want to have to pay expenses out of pocket for them to just tell me no because of my weight. Please help!!! Is there any chances to get the procedure with my weight and height? Thank You!

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Brazilian Butt lift for larger BMI

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The best candidates for surgery, are pateints that are at their goal weight or stable weight prior to surgery.  Brazilian Butt lift surgery can be performed on larger framed women.  In fact, even larger women can get a significant change in their overall body contour.  You need to get a consultation to clarify what would be a realistic expectation.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate

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   I frequently liposuction 5 liters and transfer 1500 ml to the buttocks.  You could get a fabulous result as many others have gotten.  The procedure takes 1.5 hours and is tailored to the individual desires of the patient with regard to butt shape and projection.

Great candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Judging by your photos, consider yourself a great candidate for this procedure. The location of your fat pockets are getting in the way of seeing the true potential of your buttock shape. You seem to have enough fat to carry out a customized buttock shaping. After the procedure you can work on trimming down your visceral fat (fat around your intestines and deep in the gut). I have performed many many fat transfers on body types like yours and the results can be life changing. I would not hesitate. I do not see why any surgeon would turn you down, based on the photos you have shown. You should be excited and be prepared to travel to find a specialist in this procedure.

Many surgeons do virtual consults (via the internet). I have many patients that come form all over the world.

Below is a helpful video from the Doctors TV show.

Good luck.

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Weight and Height is not a contraindication for BBL

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Your actual weight or height itself does not make you a bad candidate for a BBL. Your surgeon must assess your entire body and proportion. From your photos, you look to be an excellent candidate for a BBL. Make sure to select a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in BBLs and does several per week. 

Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Judging from your photos, I think you can get a great result from a Brazilian Butt Lift.  I cannot speak for the other doctors on this website, but if you are smoke free, free of health problems, and your exam were normal, I would consider you an excellent candidate.  Good luck.

Brazilian Butt Lift, candidate

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The Brazilian Butt Lift can dramatically reshape a womans midsection when properly performed.

Improvement in the shape of the buttocks has become very popular. We should always keep in mind that weight loss through improved diet and increased activity are more important for long term health and improved appearances.

Please consult in person with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions

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