After Almost Completely Peeling in 3 Days No Visible Difference, Will There be Another Round of Peeling?

can I expect another round of peeling? I expected that the underlying skin from the first peel would look different. No change in melasma, which is why I had it done. No change in skin texture. I used the retinol wipes and have used the moisturizer and sunscreen as directed. Is there something else I can do? This was expensive, and I'd hate for it to have been a total waste. I wasn't expecting a miracle, just an improvement in the melasma.

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Vi Peels ans Melasma

Melasma is one of the most difficult problems to treat. Once you have peeled from your Vi Peel that will be the extent of the peeling until you have another peel. Bleaching creams and sunscreens are a must both pre and post treatment. If you have another peel, ask your treating specialist to rub a bit harder on the problem areas. Unfortunately, some melasma is resistant to almost everything.

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Treating melasma is a long term multi treatment and may take 6-12 months and multiple peels.

Startung with medical grade skin care with Retin A, multiple chemical peels , stop all hormonal treatment like birth control, sun block , no tanning salons no sun worshiping, and may require fractional CO2 laser multiple times.

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