Are HA injections or fat grafting injections better and safer for filling extreme temporal hollows?

I have an extremely hollow temple area, following removal of a benign tumor in my head, and want to know if HA injection or fat grafting is safer in terms of lower rates of vascular occlusion or infection rate?

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Benign Tumor Removed -- irregularities with HA Fillers

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An HA injection would be safe in the temple region after removal of a benign tumor. Restylane is a great option for immediate results that are less invasive than fat harvest for a transfer to temples. By filling of the hollowing temples with Restylane. Collagen producing injectables like Sculptra is also a great option. It adds volume to the hollowing of the temples. Fat grafting to this region is obviously the best over all.. You will see ultimate results by harvesting your fat and placing it into the temple region. The only downside is that there is a risk of losing some of the fat. Most retain 50%-70% of the fat cells placed. Mixed with an HA filler this creates an incredible outcome and years of results. I suggest consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in facial features and injecting of the area to create a natural beauty with fillers and fat grafting with transfer to the areas needed. Best, Dr. Berger

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