Femilift vs Thermiva?

Just curious if women get better results from Femilift vs Thermiva.

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Femilift vs. Thermiva

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Thanks for the question.  Women have a few options for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.  Femilift and Thermiva are 2 of them.  Femilift works through a CO2 laser and Thermiva is a radio frequency device.  While both are effective, the results from Femilift would seem to be more long lasting. Femilift has 2 mechanisms of action to improve vaginal moisture, laxity and sensation.  First by its ablative effect, causing micro injuries which results in new healthy tissue formation.   Secondly through heat, which which causes collagen stimulation. There are no studies comparing the 2 for vaginal rejuvenation, but if you look at the 2 treatments on other ares of the body, i.e. the face, CO2 is  superior to radio frequency in collagen stimulation and thereby giving you more tightening and longer lasting results.  There are randomized controlled studies supporting Femilift's results in vaginal rejuvenation, but not for Thermiva.  We have had great results in our office with Femilift!

FemiLift vs. Thermiva

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Thanks for your question.  I decided to offer Femilift in our office as opposed to ThermiVa because I know from years of using a CO2 laser (same wavelength of energy as Femi) on the face, the results are far superior to radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments on the skin.  I am very impressed with the amount of improvement in vaginal laxity and tissue remodeling from the more aggressive, but not painful, Femi.  The two machines are very different in their energy delivery, and I don't treat the outer vaginal areas such as the labia, so you would want to consider your goals when choosing, but both are popular treatments.

Amy Y. Paul, DO, FAAD
Grand Junction Dermatologic Surgeon

CO2 laser is better supported in data

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We have had both in our office, and in my opinion the CO2 laser based products have better efficacy than Thermiva.  There are also quite a few randomized trials published in the peer reviewed literature on the efficacy of CO2 (all positive), while there is no data whatsoever that supports the use of Thermiva.  There are whitepapers, which are industry sponsored studies that are done, supporting Thermiva, but these studies tend to always favor manufacturers as they are paid for by manufacturers and published with the expressed desire to support the product.  The CO2 lasers on the other hand are supported by hard data coming out of multicenter randomized trials performed in major academic centers, which is a higher level of evidence and less susceptible to bias.

If my wife were pursuing one of these treatments, I would definitely suggest CO2 such as Femilift or MonaLisa Touch.

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FemiLift vs. ThermiVa

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Thanks for your question. FemiLift is for internal rejuvenation while Thermiva is for both internal and external. FemiLift alters and rearranges collagen fibers, enabling the formation of elastin and better collagen formation. FemiLift can provide long-term reversal of the atrophic effects of aging on the vaginal walls. Thermiva offers similar internal results by tightening of vaginal tissues and can target the urethra called “pubocervical fascia.”  This results in a reduction of a  leaky bladder.  Both stress incontinence (leaking from increased pressure such as a cough, sneeze, jump) and overactive bladder are relieved consistently. No mesh, no drQ:. For the vulva (vagina, labia, clitoris and surrounding areas) Thermiva tightens and contracts the skin/lining of the vulva. Hope this helps.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
3.8 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

FemiLift vs ThermiVa

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I feel like you will get a more long lasting lift and results from Femilift.  ThemiVa uses a radiofrequency devise to heat the tissue and will work  much like other RF devises on the skin but it may not last as long.  FemiLift uses a laser which will penatrate deeper into the vaginal lining to force new collagen production and vaginal lining rebuild on a longer lasting basis.

Femilift vs Thermiva

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thanks for your question.No study has been done to compare these 2 system against each other, but we know these 2 system as they have been used for the facial cosmetic too.Femilift is a fractionated Co2 laser while Thermiva is a radio frequency.As the Science is showing Co2 laser goes deeper in tissue and coagulate the cells and as result new cells are being formed with more collagen. while Radio frequency only heat up the tissue to 40-45 degree and is not going as deep, as result the final result is not as strong as laser and dose not last as long.on the other hand FemiLift takes 5-10 min, while Thermiva take more than 30 min.Good luck and Best of health

FemiLift lasts longer than ThermiVa?? Maybe.

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The "word on the street..." is that FemiLift lasts longer than ThermiVa (2+ vs 1+ years...), but they have not yet been compared "head-to-head," and probably never will be, as the companies that make the different units will never put out the funds necessary for a proper study.
Michael P Goodman, MDDavis, CA, USA

They haven't been compared head to head

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FemiLift and Thermiva both target the vaginal canal and vulva, but few if any patients have tried both. You could certainly try both and report back with your impressions.

Femlift vs. ThermiVA

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We just recently had 4 patients that have had both procedures.  One patient had completed the recommend full series of 3 ThermiVA treatments and the other patients had undergone only one ThermiVA treatment. All patients tolerated both procedures very well with ThermiVA treatments taking 30-40 minutes and Femlift taking 5-10 minutes.  Two patients did not notice any differences with one ThermiVA treatment, but did with Femlift.  I chose Femlift for our office over ThermiVA after using and researching both.  My opinion is that they both can help, but Femlift uses a CO2 laser vs. ThermiVA that is a radio-frequency treatment.  Both procedures cause immediate edema (swelling) that can cause a short term improvement in symptoms.  Long term success however, is going to depend on stimulation of collagen production and my belief is that the laser energy source has a better chance to achieve this. Hope this helps and good luck!

David Marden, DO
Bristol OB/GYN
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

Femilift versus ThermiVa

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Thank you and great question.  I have been using the Femilift for the past 2 years on over 300 patients and my results have been quite good.   Most patients are very satisfied with the treatment and are happy they avoided surgery.  We recently purchased the ThermiVa and are excited to see the results.   The only comparison I can give at this time is that you certainly have the ability of doing more with the ThermiVa.   Part of the ThermiVa procedure is focussing also on the Labia Majora, clitoral hood and Labia minora and therefore you do get improved nerve stimulation from the radio frequency along the clitoral nerve and some tightening on the labia majora.

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