Horrified of my First Surgery, what can I expect? Would being in twilight better?

Hi I am 14 and I am having a nose job. I only need a hump removal the rest of my nose if fine. I have never had surgery and there are major heart problems in my family. I hate blood and shots and going to the doctors but I want this so bad. Would I have open or closed? Somehow I am convinced I am going to die under anesthesia. Can you die from it? I have been so worked up about it! What is is like? Can I be in twilight I would feel better if I was awake. I am just so freaked out!

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I believe general anesthesia is safer than twilight for rhinoplasty

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General anesthesia allows the placement of an endotracheal tube which protects your lungs and airway from any blood that goes downward during surgery.  For this reason, I believe general anesthesia is safer than twilight anesthesia.  As for the open vs. closed question, it is my belief that the open approach gives the surgeon better exposure and visualization to be precise and structurally minded (although there are skilled closed surgeons as well).

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