Horrible Skin After Weight Loss at 24?

For about the past three months I've gone from healthy looking to sick looking. The problem started after I lost weight too quickly, I noticed my face being hallow and having a particular area of fat missing right under my cheek bone. It made me look sick and unhealthy. I tried to gain weight to fix the issue but it seems as if my plan failed. What can I do about fixing my issue. The pictures show me after my weight loss then when I tried to gain the weight and what I currently look like now.

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How to Remedy Thin Skin after Weight Loss

When people lose weight, it is very common for them to lose fat everywhere, including the face. Fat loss in the face is also a contributing sign of aging. It can make the face look gaunt and sickly. To remedy this, you can have fat surgically transferred into the face, or a less-invasive option is to use fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse.

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