Had a Horrible Medpor Impant Put in That Has Seemingly Bifurcated my Nose into 2 Noses Ten Days Ago. Steroid Shots?

It was put in during a revision (open) rhino. I fear it will be this swollen now as it is in three days. The tip was angled unnaturally high and I have a bump below my bridge. Can I get a steroid shot? Will that inhibit healing/incorporation? I am ten days out and my nose is a swollen, red, bruised ball with a protruding hump where my new tip is. This has ruined my life. I foolishly went in to make the tip less bulbous and now have made it even more bulbous than it was before my first surgery.

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Medpor Implants

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I wouldn't suggest kenelog injections at this time.  I strongly advise going back to your surgeon and making sure the medpor is not infected, if it is, it should come out sooner than later. Medpor in general is not a good nasal implant.

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