Can a horizontal incision for a mini thigh lift cause dragging, or pulling of the groin area?

I have about 4" of loose fat on my upper, inner thigh area. I want a mini thigh lift, but was told it can "pull" or drag the ground area downward, due to the tightening of the area during surgery. I was told this by a doctor. Is this an issue? Has anyone seen this happen? Thanks

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Thigh Lift

Unfortunately, “pulling of the groin area” or labial spreading can occur with inadequated soft tissue/fascia anchoring at the time of medial thigh lifting utilizing a “horizontal” or bikini type incision. These types of lifts are not for all patients, but a thorough discussion with your surgeon regarding the technique ideally suited for you and the potential complications associated with it should clarify the decision making process for you.

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Mini thigh lift?

Agree with Dr. Shurieh.  I'm not sure what a mini thigh lift is, but any inner thigh lift that involves removal of "about 4" of loose fat" as you describe would have this potential complication if not anchored securely to the deep tissues.

Scott Thellman, MD
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Can a horizontal incision for a mini thigh lift cause dragging or pulling of the groin area?

An exam would be necessary to determine what type of thigh lift may be appropriate.  The groin incision medial thigh lift, if executed well, can produce a very nice result without scar migration in most situations.  The extended medial thigh lift is something I try to avoid except when absolutely necessary.  If the skin laxity is confined to the upper half of the leg, the groin incision is usually reasonable.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of thigh lifts and body contouring procedures each year. Look at website before and after photos and decide which surgeon can give the results you desire.

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Mini thigh lift

An inner thigh lift involves the placement of a scar in a suitable position in order to tighten the excess of skin you have. The result is dependent on how much skin you have to be removed and where you want the incisions. I would rather classify a mini thigh lift as a short scar thigh lift. There are limitations in this approach. If the short scar is placed in the groin crease with no vertical extension then the lift will be in one vector ie vertical and the horizontal skin excess will be improved preferentially. A scar that is place vertically will tighten the skin of the inner thigh and improve the skin excess where the creases are more vertical in nature. It is usual for pts wishing to have thigh lifts to have excess that is both vertical and horizontal and are best placed to have a thigh lift with a horizontal groin component and a vertical component.
Any vertical lift through a groin incision can lead to a drop of the scar and can pull the groin area lower. It needs to be fixed during surgery. Placement of a vertical scar will reduce the chance of this happening.  

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
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Medial thigh lift

There no such thing as mini-thigh lift.
Medial thigh lift can be done through a groin incision or vertical incision from groin to the knee.
Groin incision has to be anchored to the deep fascia to prevent it from downward displacement and thus it will pull on the labia.
If the tissue is not strong enough then also the scar will pull down. That is one of the potential risks of medial thigh lift
Samir Shureih MD. FACS

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