Horizontal Abdominal Indention Post Revised Abdominal Liposuction? (photo)

I had abdominal lipo suction done in May. I had some unevenness and lumps, therefore my plastic surgeon did a revision of my abdominal with additional liposuction about two weeks ago. Now I have a 6 cm horizontal indentation below my belly button that does not resolve by hyperextending my abdomen (curving my back). It is hard and I can feel a defined ridge. I am very worried. This is already my second surgery. I had 2 pounds removed in May (but the lumpiness was awful) and 1 pound two weeks ago

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Liposuction and recovery

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At just two weeks following liposuction it is not unusual to experience some lumpiness or even an area of indentation.  Be certain that your compression garment isn't contributing to the problem by creasing or folding on itself.  If it does be sure to straighten the garment.  At this point, it should be safe to start performing massage to the area.  massaging can also help break up areas of swelling and/or scarring.  Check back with your surgeon and let him/her know your concerns.  But give it time.  Best wishes.

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Surgical Follow-up

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It is best to have a follow-up with your surgeon to find out the next best steps. It is important to always have a follow-up appointment to make sure you are healing correctly. 

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Ridge after liposuction?

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Do you have a surgical scar there?  Was that ridge there at all before your second procedure?  It is hard to know what is going on without a better history and seeing your original preoperative photos.  Ridges can form from too much liposuction in an area, as the cannula removes a line or tunnel of fat.  Correcting liposuction contour irregularities with more liposuction can be very difficult.  Since you are only 2 weeks from your last procedure, things may continue to change, but I would address this with your surgeon.  I recommend massage post liposuction as soon as patients can tolerate it (usually 3-4 weeks after), and firm areas often soften up over time.

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