Hoping to Improve Chin Appearance. Reduction + Make More Symmetrical? (Age 19) (photo)

Hello, I personally find that my chin makes my mouth look crooked and I'm interested in having a chin reduction surgery. Would that improve the appearance? Looking at my 2nd photo, you'll see I covered part of my chin. Personally, doing this makes me imagine/visualize in my head, what my chin should & could ideally look like if reduced. Currently I find it a bit too long, large & prominent, along with the curve/shape not very centered. What do you think? (PS: I've never had/needed braces)

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Chin Correction

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You need to send photos of lateral,. 3/4,  and front.....of both  sides.     Then some assessment can be made.  You need to see your orthodontist for assessment.  This will include appropriate  x-rays etc.  Then after that you need to see your plastic surgeon who will review all the information, take good photographs, and discuss with you all possible options.  Be patient and gather good information. . Then you will be able to make good choices.  My Best,  Dr C

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