How severe is my acne scarring and what treatments? (Photos)

I recently went to a medical spa for a consultation about micropens for my pock marks. The front desk clerk pressed on my face for a moment and said I'd be a perfect candidate but my scars were so "deep" in the dermis I would need 7-8 treats at $300 each. Was I lied to about the severity of my skin or is this a fair recommendation? Also are there any other treatments that are minimally invasive that may work better? I've been thinking about derma-rolling as a cheaper alternative...

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Picosure laser vs Infini RF microneedling and PRP

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A better option would be Picosure Fractional laser- this address both pigmentation and pore sizing, as well as scars. Other options would be energy based RF microneedling coupled with PRP, these treatments will give better results than generation one derma rollers. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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