Do I have any hope of removing an old, dark, surgery scar?

10 years ago, I had my appendix removed, followed by an emergency surgery a few days later. The incision from the appendectomy was re-opened for the 2nd surgery, and I have been left with a dark line on my lower abdomen about 5 inches long. I've tried every OTC treatment to no avail. I spoke with a dermatologist a few years ago who said there is nothing I can do. I was wondering if any of the doctors on here could recommend a treatment that would help remove my scar? Thank you very much.

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Fractional Microneedle Therapy May Help Improve the Color and Texture of Dark-Colored Scars

Fractional Microneedle Therapy, aka medical microneedling, may represent a viable, minimally invasive option for improving the color and texture of certain scars. Medical microneedling has been used successfully for years to treat all kinds of scars, including those arising from surgery, as in this case, trauma, acne, and even those arising as a consequence of infectious conditions, such as chicken pox.

Microneedling, which may be performed either manually with a roller (Dermaroller) or via an automated, motorized device (Dermapen) using only topical anesthesia, employs an array of needles that pierce the surface of the scar to break up the surface tissue and create microchannels. This microwounding of the skin allows triggering a cascade of events that result in new collagen formation (collagen neogenesis), but also makes possible disruption of troublesome surface discolorations. Two to four treatment sessions are usually required at a six week intervals for optimal results. Adding a topical bleaching agent to the regimen immediately following treatment can also be helpful, as can the adjunctive use of a home Dermaroller along with a mild prescription bleaching cream. Consultation with a board certified dermatologist experienced in fractional microneedle therapy is strongly advised.

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