Complicated breast enlargement problem. Different shapes and different positions after two breast ops? (Photos)

had breast enlargement 9 months ago to round implants at 380cc, under the muscle. After op I noticed left implant had slipped to over muscle givin a round look dr advised me ifhe was to put bavk behind muscle ther is chance it could slip out again. So to i decided to get my right implant above muscle Dr operated on just my right breast to bring that above muscle fter second op on right breast it has dropped a lot to my left and looks more natural and tear drop Shap amd my left is high and round.

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Breast issue

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It is important to review your preop and post-op photos to make a proper assessment.  Each breast can be a bit different.

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Breast Asymmetry

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In cases such as this, it is imperative to have access to pre-op pictures as part of the evaluation and crafting options for improvement. There are a number of ways to potentially address differential projection/size/position depending on the initial breasts characteristics. If they start different, they will never be identical twins. if different procedures are done on each, they will never be identical twins. The goal is as much symmetry as is reasonably/predictably/safely possible.
See a board certified plastic surgeon EXPERIENCED in breast augmentation surgery/revision surgery to see your pictures, examine you and give you sound recommendations.

Complicated breast enlargement problem

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. I would recommend reviewing your preoperative photographs and operative plan with your surgeon to gauge your current results.  If your current appearance can not be seen as an extension to preexisting asymmetry you would likely need revision surgery to improve upon your current results.  Hope this helps.

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Revision will almost certainly be necessary

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You will need revision surgery of both breasts by a surgeon that has the skill experience and training to give you more symmetrical outcome.

Complicated breast enlargement problem. Different shapes and different positions after two breast ops?

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This might be complicated to you but I bet you had breast asymmetry before the surgery! The result is acceptable in my over the internet view.

Pretty result, slight asymmetry.

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Women's breasts are asymmetrical by definition. You can spend a lot of time, mental energy, and money in striving for perfect symmetry, and while that is always our ideal goal as plastic surgeons, that needs to be balanced by realistic expectations. If you remain displeased, discuss this with your surgeon, or seek a second opinion from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon whose aesthetics align with your own. Best of luck to you. 

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Complicated breast enlargement problem. Different shapes and different positions after two breast ops?

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I suspect that most of your asymmetry is due to preoperative differences in your breast and ribcage shape, though it is difficult to know for certain without a good preoperative photo. Also, it would be better to see a straight on posoperative photo with both arms down by your side since taking the picture with your own phone causes you to raise your arm which changes the shape of the breast on that side.

In your photos, you look like you might have mild scoliosis and asymmetry of the ribcage and breasts. Your right nipple sits higher and more lateral on the breast. If this was truly present before surgery, it is not always possible to make the breasts perfectly even, no matter how talented your surgeon. The breasts can be made even in volume and some of the asymmetry improved, but again, you can't correct every asymmetry.
Having said that, I am somewhat confused by your description of your procedures. Unless you had a prior breast augmentation above the muscle, then had them switched to below the muscle, there is no way the implant can "slip" from under the muscle to over the muscle. Only one pocket is made when performing a breast augmentation so there is now other place for the implant to slip into. Pockets can stretch out too much and women with asymmetry can have pockets that stretch differently creating different breast shapes as the breasts heal. Sometimes the pockets need to be tightened or adjusted if this happens. Maybe this is what your surgeon meant by his explanation. 

If you had not had previous breast surgery and your surgeon did tell you that the implant slipped into another pocket, I would recommend that you see another surgeon with more experience dealing with breast revision surgery and breast asymmetry.

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