Any Hope for These Jacked Up Eyes? (photo)

I have been so depress lately .. The last revisional surgery was a nightmare. My crease is indented and zig zagging looking .. Before I went in for the revision I could live with the crease that I had just its just i had scares that I wanted to hide .. The doctor said he could fix me up n make me better but it's been over 2years I been living in depression and all my hair falling out due to this situation . I'm so afraid of surgery I was thinking of fillers for eyes .. Any hope for me ? Please help

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Yes you can be likely be helped but not with laser resurfacing or with fillers.

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Dear Gurlygirl

It would be ideal to be able to carefully examine you to most accurately answer your questions.  Based just on the photos, it appears that whoever did your eyelid surgery, assuming you have only had eyelid surgery that one time, did a very poor job.  I say this as a very experienced eyelid surgeon.  There are actually several issues that are of concern.  First, the crease is ragged.  This generally occurs when the surgeon fails to make a smooth incision in the eyelid skin.  It is possible that improper suturing methods also contributed to the issue but generally this is from not making a smooth cut in the skin.  Next the upper eyelid platform skin is loose and there is upper eyelid lash ptosis.  This occurs because no effort was made to perform an anchor blepharoplasty.  The so-called anchor is performed by carefully suturing the eyelid platform skin and cut edge of the eyelid platform orbicularis oculi muscle to the exposed levator aponeurosis.  This does several things.  It forms a hard crease that hides under the upper eyelid fold.  It snugs the skin and underlying muscle in the upper eyelid like one would snug a bed sheet.  This makes the skin of the upper eyelid platform smooth and serene so it holds eye liner.  Finally, it supports the eyelashes so they are less droopy.  This reduced shading on the eye surface contributes to the eye looking brighter.  The other issue that will help in fixing your situation is that your upper eyelids are mildly ptotic or heavy.  In raising the upper eyelid, the eyelid platform will appear shorter and the upper eyelid crease will tuck better under the upper eyelid fold.  Overall I can recommend and encourage you to have this type of reconstructive work but only a handful of surgeons will be able to accomplish this work for you so choose very carefully.

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Eye lid scars

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You need in person examination to assess the scars and the amount of skin in the upper lid. I may consider laser resurfacing with or without scar revision depending on the amount of skin.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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