What are my odds that my lump will be successfully removed after my next Revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Have had 3 rhinoplasties. The last one left me with this huge lump on the side of my nose. There was a very small bump there earlier but nothing like this. I am now 14 months post-op and ready for yet another revision. My doctor believes it's either all scar tissue (I do scar ALOT) or a combo of scar tissue pulling on cartilage. He's going to try to go in and clean it out. Any suggestions? I'm desperate for help at this point.

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Recommend considering revision with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

If you had 3 rhinoplasties and still are unhappy, as I am sure you are, it may be more beneficial to have an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon evaluate you and give you another opinion about what to do.  I have done many revision rhinoplasties and the anatomy is very different.  After 3 operations, it can be even more difficult  to fix the problems because of the scarring that is there.  Good luck!

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The third revision, postoperative bumps, cartilage grafts

Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging surgical procedures that there is for the rhinoplasty surgeon. A bump that persist for over 14 months postoperatively is unlikely to resolve and will require surgical correction.  Without the surgical record, the ability to examine your nose and the operative report from your surgeon it is impossible to speculate on the cause of your bump.  Scar tissue, a misplaced cartilage graft or cartilage graft that has been distorted by scarring are the most likely causes.  I would ask your surgeon if grafts were used in your nose.  If you decide to have your revision surgery done with a different surgeon make sure that you take copies of your operative notes and preoperative photos with you for the consultation. If the bump is scar tissue it may respond to steroid injections.  This can be unpredictable and should be pursued with caution.  Good Luck.

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