Missing Tooth Between Crowned Tooth and One Waiting Root Canal?

Would a bridge be appropiate with a missing tooth between two teeth that, one is crowned and good to go and I am waiting for the root canal treatment for the other side with a bridge for the missing in between them. My dentist wants to do an implant, but they are expensive and I have a missing upper tooth that must have an implant. I am 54 years old, and not in very good health.

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Implant verses Bridge

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If you have enough bone, implant is usually a better choice. You can still do the bridge; but remember if something happens to one of those teeth surrounding your missing teeth, then the least you have to do is pay for another bridge. Meaning that you have to pay for 3 more crowns all over again. If you don't have the bone, just do a bridge.

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Bridge or Implant?

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As always, the patient has the final say-so, once the options are explained. You have to weight the benefits and the costs of each. Both are acceptable options that should last a long time. Time being a factor and expense, the bridge makes sense. Long term durability and lower lifetime cost generally favors the implant. I go with what serves the patient best. You should get that same option.

Missing Tooth

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You are 54,so take care of those teeth, you are going to miss them, if you do not take care, bridge or implant, does not matter, there are always options, and affordable solutions for your case.

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Dental Bridge For Missing Tooth

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Dental implants are a great option for missing teeth, but are not for everyone.  If you are not interested in going through the process of having a dental implant, then a dental bridge is a great alternative for replacing the missing tooth. They have been used for decades and work well, but do place added force on the adjacent teeth over time.  That being said, I have seen bridges that are 30 plus years old that are still functioning great.  Bottom line, is that if it were my mouth I would opt for the dental implant when  possible. Good luck.   

Bridge vs implant

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A three unit bridge is an alternative treatment for a missing tooth.  When the root canal treatment is finished you can have a finished bridge in 2-3 weeks with no surgery or healing time.  It is a littile more difficult to clean around a bridge but it only takes an extra 30 seconds at most to clean the area.  For many years a 3 unit bridge was considered the first choice and the implant the alternative.


Missing Tooth, What to do?

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The answer to your question is, "What do YOU ultimately want to make you Happy? Implant or bridge or removable partial or do nothing all are possibilities. 

All things in Life have benefits and downsides and costs. Once you let your Dentist know what you ultimately want, then he/she can make a plan to get you there. Dentistry is really mostly elective, so go to your dentist give him/her that information and then the problem can be solved. 

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