How much would it be to fix one crooked snaggle tooth?

The tooth is the one right next two the two front teeth on the top row...its slightly but very noticably turned so that one side of the tooth is facing outward?(the side nearest the two front teeth)I have never had braces and I dont want them even though i think i need them because of slight spaces in between most of my front teeth but I cant afford them and dont mind it.Im thinking an implant might work .What is the cost of a dental implant and how long do they last?

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Definitely DO NOT do an implant.

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In your situation, the most cost effective way of fixing a slightly rotated tooth would be a veneer or crown.  Veneers can be done by a lab and they will look a lot more natural, or they can be done by the dentist chairside which would be less expensive but aesthetics may not be as good.  Crowns are a better option.  They surround the whole tooth and are much more retentive.  An implant is a metal screw that goes into the bone.  Implants, in my area, will cost around $3500-$5000.  If your tooth is healthy, I would not recommend an extraction with an implant.

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