Will I get uniboob?

I'm currently 625cc mod profile saline over muscle and I'm switching to 800cc ultra high profile silicone gel under muscle. I'm very worried about getting "uniboob". What causes uniboob? I have nice cleavage now but I also have capsule that needs to get removed and fixed. I'm 5"5 125lbs always had boobs but after two children i lost it.

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Will I get uniboob?

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Thank you for the thoughtful question; one that is best addressed to your plastic surgeon.  Generally, avoidance of over dissection in the cleavage area and careful selection of appropriate breast implant size/profile will  be necessary when it comes to prevention of symmastia.  Again, best to address your concerns/questions directly with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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