When is the best time for extraction?

I am a week post op, and I hate my new breast. They don't belong on my body. They are just way too big! I wanted half the size that I received. Do i really need to wait for 3 months to have them settle? Would it be best for my skin, to extract them asap? And what is the usual cost for that? I totally trusted my PS in sizing, I referenced photos and made it absolutely clear that I wanted to look natural. What I thought would be a confidence boost, is quickly turning into an insecurity.

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When Is The Best Time For Breast Implant Explantation?

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Many patients after a breast augmentation experience some degree of dissatisfaction with the size of the implants they received.  The most common dissatisfaction at about 3-6 months is the desire for larger breast implants whereas the most common dissatisfaction in the early post augmentation period is a concern that the implants are too large.
In general, plastic surgeons recommend a 3-6 month wait to allow the swelling to go down before making any decisions about explantation.  On the other hand, there are instances when removing breast implants early may be appropriate.  
Although breast augmentations usually are a joyous event for most women, there may be patients, however, who would do best with an explantation.  
With reference to the cost of a breast explantation, each plastic surgeon has his or her own policy on the subject.  In my practice, I feel it is inappropriate to charge someone to remove an implant if they are truly dissatisfied.
I recommend this emotionally charged subject be discussed with your personal plastic surgeon.

Early results too big

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Your reaction to the early results just one week after surgery is not unexpected as the tissues have not had time to recover from the surgical swelling, and many patients will need one to two weeks to get used to the change.  The third week is when the implant positions begin to relax and drop into a more natural shape.  Your surgeon should help you through these events.  But if you are absolutely certain the implants are too large, you can count on the trust you developed with him to discuss your desire to downsize at the appropriate time.  

I would strongly encourage you to wait at least 3 months

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of course, the choice is yours. however, you cannot judge the final appearance of your breasts this soon after surgery. I would strongly encourage you to wait at least 3 months before removing them.When you are judging them after only one week, they all look too high and feel too hard. try and be patient and you might be very pleasantly surprised..
david berman md

When is the best time for breast implant removal?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.Technically the breast implants can be removed at any time. However, you should have a detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon regarding your motivation for implant removal and see if waiting for a period  of a few months would be in your best interests. Best wishes.

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