Post op compression garment for upper arms, which is best?

Have lipo of upper arms in 2 weeks and need some advice as to what compression garments will be the most beneficial for my recovery.

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Compression garments for arms

We typically recommend a compression sleeve for our patients.  It is common for garments to be provided on the day of surgery and often an additional garment is provided at your first follow up appointment.  You may want to check with your surgeon to find out what he recommends specifically for you as all cases vary.   

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Post liposuction compression for arms?

In my Beverly Hills office my routine is to wrap my patient's arms for 24 to 48 hours and then remove all bandages as well as any compression garments.  I have never regretted the decision and have had no complications in healing.  Your surgeon may feel differently and of course you should be following his advice. Best wishes,

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Arm compression garments

Thank you for your question. I typically recommend compression sleeves that are 3/4 length. I recommend Marena. These sleeves fit well, stay in place, clasp in the back like a bra and are machine washable.

Your surgeon may have specific preferences. He or she may have already ordered them and will have them ready on the day of surgery.

Communication is always important between  you and your surgeon. Don't feel like you're being a bother. That's what we're here for!!

Best wishes

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