I am just under 3 months since my BA surgery. Right boob is sensitive and my armpit feels swollen?

My right boob is sensitive to touch, I'm suppose to be pushing down because the implant hasn't settled yet but uncomfortable to push. Also my right arm pit feels swollen and lymph nodes swollen.

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3 Months Post Breast Augmentation, Right Breast & Armpit Are Sensitive & Swollen

Thank you for this interesting question.  Many possibilities as to the etiology of your swollen armpit occur to me at first blush.

If the implants were placed in through the armpit, then direct trauma could be the reason for the swollen armpit and associated lymph nodes.  On the other hand, if the breast implant route of entry was not through the armpit, then the pushing down of the implant causing discomfort could lead to inflammation of both the breast and armpit and swelling of the armpit and associated lymph nodes.

The sensitivity in one or both breasts very often means that nerves were stretched, and this hyper sensitivity to touch is something that has been known to go on for weeks and/or months, but in my experience, this always settles down.  Hyper sensitivity of the breast post augmentation indicates the nerve endings are still alive.  Contrary wide, hypo sensitivity or anesthesia can mean the nerves were potentially injured permanently. 

If you were my patient, I would recommend you give it at least another 3-6 months to allow nerves to repair themselves and tissue to heal.

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