Will Hypopigmentation Recover After TCA Peel?

So after doing a TCA Peel, I've ended up with Hypopigmentation (White color skin) in a lot of my areas. I have Indian brown type of skin. It's been 2 months since the TCA Peel and my skin remains Hypopigmentation with no sign of improvement. What's very weird is that, if I touch the area, it immediately turns pink and shows no sign of Hypopigmentation. Will this condition recover? Are there any treatments I can apply? Dermatologist recommended Laser Treatment (No thanks).

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Hypopigmentation following a TCA peel

It is much more common to have a post inflammatory, post peel hyperpigmenation than a hypopigmentation.  There are not any treatments that I know of to treat this condition other than time.  I would wear sunscreen to avoid excessive UV exposure.  Is it possible that the TCA peel was too deep and left you with some degree of facial scarring?  Was this a self applied peel or one done by a skilled physician experienced with using this chemical?

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