How do I choose the best between my 3 doctors for a breast revision Surgery ?

First , all are board certified and listed as top 5 doctors in my state. All have great reviews. Two have 25 yrs experience one has 12 yrs but fantastic pictures of his work, I'm worried that the Doctor that does the most surgeries would be too buisy to address concerns if something went wrong after, worried that less experienced one can't fix my needed corrections and worried that third one is too involved in surgeries non related to my issue

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Choosing the right doctor

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Assuming all are board certified plastic surgeons, you have to go with your feelings on who you feel the most comfortable with.  I doubt that if you have any issues post-operatively that any ethical surgeon, regardless of how busy they are, would not address your concerns.  If they are all top rated and have great reviews, they are probably all very dedicated and conscientious.  You don't need 25 years of experience to be a talented need dedication to your patients, attention to detail, a great bedside manner and a goal of perfection.  One other point regarding the surgeon involved with other types of surgeries:  Revision Cosmetic Breast Surgery and Breast Cancer Reconstruction are very similar and quite complimentary.  If your surgeon does alot of breast cancer revision or post-mastectomy reconstruction, chances are they are familiar with many of the same concepts.  You just have to go with your gut.

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