Why do most breast surgeons discourage bigger breast?

I notice at consultations for breast surgery and comments from others who seek the same have partly said that the surgeon discourages large breast. Is this because of complications ? So are big implants known to likely have More problems ? Is their a way to get semi big plants without complications ? What is the secret to them ?

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Potential problems with larger breast implants.

Larger breast implants can pose several additional risks and problems compared with smaller breast implants.  The trend now with many of my patients is to choose larger and larger implants.  Even when we have gone the largest that the patient can fit, many will say I wish I could have gone bigger.  When you are going 3 to 4 cup sizes bigger than you are currently there are additional problems that can arise.  First is the amount of tissue coverage of the implants.  Larger implants will stretch the existing skin so thin as to create problems of implant palpability and rippling.  All implants ripple to a certain degree and some implants ripple more but the larger you go, the more you will thin and stretch the breast tissue where rippling can be a problem.  Second is larger implants have a higher rate of capsule contracture.  Larger implants requires greater dissection of the breast pocket.  This results in a higher surface area for blood vessels to bleed after surgery.  More potential for bleeding equals higher capsule contracture rate.  Third, tissues of the breast may stretch more.  So patients that choose bigger may create new stretch marks.  The other tissue that stretches a lot are the nerves of the breasts.  The more the nerves stretch the more discomfort it creates.  This can cause painful shooting discomfort after surgery.  If the nerves are overstretched there is a greater chance to lose sensation especially in the nipple areas.  Finally very larger implants have a higher incidence of symmastia or a uniboob look.  The use of push-up bras or sports bras pushes two large implants together and slowly over time this can lift the small amount of tissue separating the implants in the middle to lift off the chest.  This creates symmastia.  So to be wise and not too greedy its best to go only two cup sizes larger than your are.   

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